Ethereal portraiture is a captivating style of photography that never fails to inspire my artistic soul. It's all about capturing images that evoke emotions and dreams, whisking the viewer away from the ordinary and into a realm of enchantment.

Within this enchanting genre, one finds the captivating niche of ethereal women portraiture. Here, the focus shifts to the mesmerizing allure of women and the aura of their surroundings. These subjects personify a timeless and bewitching femininity that transcends age and sensuality, radiating a profound maturity and wisdom, regardless of their age.

My subjects are thoughtfully positioned amidst the elements of nature, their forms delicately veiled by mist, bathed in the gentle glow of sunlight, or cloaked in the soft embrace of twilight. I attire them in ensembles I've carefully curated, blending store-bought items with hand-sewn pieces crafted from fabrics that appear weightless, imbued with a touch of translucency, enhancing their otherworldly allure. To ground them, I introduce a contemporary edge with juxtaposed, more substantial footwear.

I strive to achieve as much as possible in-camera, employing adjustment layers in post-processing to refine details and enhance the ambiance before ultimately printing the image on fine art paper. Some of my prints even feature hand-drawn PrismaColor embellishments, adding a unique layer of artistry to the final creation.

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