Do you see who people really are, or just one version of them? Have you ever felt unseen and wished others could see you as you see yourself? We all can relate to this at some time in our lives. This is a photo story about that feeling, yet specifically about a young woman in my life who was able to overcome some difficulties to not only be seen, but to be able to live independently.

Currently my art is undergoing changes as I shift from photography being my primary creative outlet to exploring different media. I wanted to pay homage to my craft one more time through this solo exhibition with Art Mums United in December 2021, but with using my new iPhone 13 Max rather than my DSLR. I also wanted to show that you can make beautiful images with the camera that is always at hand and that you don’t need Lightroom or Photoshop to edit your images. I used the iPhone’s editor as well as the apps Snapseed, Union, and Canva to demonstrate this.

The story I shared in this exhibition is one that I have been wanting to tell for several years. Begin viewing the images in this gallery with Veiled Vision to see hints of this young woman as the story unfolds and is revealed in Meet Ash. I hope these images will inspire you to use your phone’s camera to make images of either your own story or of someone in your life.

Images from this exhibition are available in 12" x 16" prints on Hahnemühle  Photo Rag paper for $40.

Forms of payment include credit card, PayPal, and Venmo. If you are interested in purchasing one of these images, please click on the contact button below for more information.

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