About - Ceili Seipke


To rekindle my creativity while working full-time these past few years, I devoted myself to photography. I began to ask family, friends, and their children to model for me and created make-believe reveries. I crafted costumes out of blankets and second-hand finds along with props to tell a story. We would go out on location or shoot in my garage and I would refine the scenes in Photoshop. Recently I started to build more sets to use in my images. Many of my earlier images were photographed in the winter snow or on the frozen lake and have a lightheartedness to them. To broaden my vision, I have started exploring characters that have a touch more wickedness, but still have a sense of mischievousness to them.


Ceili Seipke was born and raised in Pennsylvania and received a BFA in Painting from Baylor University. She learned digital photography to enhance her creative skills with a discipline that produced shorter term finished products when time didn't allow for extensive paintings. Her work has been shown locally in both juried and group exhibitions. Ceili currently lives in Vermont with her family and adorable Shiba Inu.

On The Rays of A Prayer